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Dried Mixed Grasses - 500g

Dried Mixed Grasses - 500g

High fibre supplement to add the essential fibre often missing in captive diets. Suitable for all species and especially enjoyed by grassland species.


An organic uk grown blended mix of 7 grass species: Smooth stalked meadow Common bent Timothy Creeping red fescue Common meadow Rough stalked meadow Crested dogstail Tall fescue Absolutely no other ingredients. Just 100% dried grasses.


Can be soaked in water to soften if needed and can be fed daily to all species alongside their fresh foods. Pictured here with our adult female Redfoot who is 14" and 4kg as a size guide. 500g will last a long time even with the larger species. We feed it alongside fresh foods to all our species here (15) and they all enjoy it!

Store in a cool, dark air tight container for up to one year.

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