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Arcadia Jungle Dawn 40w Spotlight

Arcadia Jungle Dawn 40w Spotlight

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED High Power Spot Light has an internal ballast and comes complete with active fan cooling and provides a massive PAR of over 2500 at 10cm from the unit.

The level of energy that the spot provides will ensure stunning plant growth and high visible light levels to enclosures. The spot light is suitable for planted tanks of more than 3' high. The power spot can also be used in shallower enclosures for high light level species of plant and zoological exhibits.

The light uses impressive cutting edge science and ever improving technology to generate explosive plant growth rates in larger, deeper enclosures without any compromise to the full spectrum colour of light. Using the high power spot light can also help to initiate reproductive behaviour in some species. This LED lamp does not have any Ultra violet energy or infrared as heat. The Jungle Dawn LED is perfect for use in or over all Amphibian setups and especially those in which live plants are grown. The Light will also be suitable for day Geckos, Crested Geckos, Chameleons, Snakes and all other reptiles and amphibians where a high quality non UV emitting light is required.

The light emits very little heat at all with the metal heat sink radiating the heat backwards out of the fitting. The way this clever light works means that it reduces the risk of overheating an enclosure and of leaf burn in live plants. This means that it allows the LED to provide high quality light for a very long time.

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