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Deluxe 50+ Plant & Flower Mix - 5g

Deluxe 50+ Plant & Flower Mix - 5g

A deluxe mix of over 50 plants, flowers and grasses to add huge variety to their diets. Suitable for all species.

Made up of the following plants:Forget me not Alsike cloverField pansyRed dead nettleTufted vetch hawkbitMilk thistleEvening primrose Hoary plantainMusk mallowSelf healDandelionWhite cloverSnap dragonKnapweedRed cloverPrickly sow thistle Common vetchSainfoinBroad leaf plantainTimothy grassChicoryCrimson clover Common speedwellWhite dead nettleChickweed Marsh mallowNipplewortShepherds purseBetonyMustardSweet blossom cloverSalad burnet Bristly oxtongue Meadow cranesbillBasilCorn flowerHollyhockWild strawberry Little gem lettuceWild rocketAlexanders Ragged robinKaleRubane lettuceIvy leaf speedwell Hedge woundwortLambs lettuceSunflowerWater cressDwarf mallowPot marigoldCornYellow pansyField bindweedCampanulaWild pansyTickseed

Sew all year round and keep on an indoor windowsill over winter months to protect from frost. **DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you identify the plant prior to feeding!**

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