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Live Food Plug Plants x 10

Live Food Plug Plants x 10

A pack of 10 plug plants, grown organically and safe to be planted straight in to an indoor or outdoor enclosure.


Plug plants are small well rooted seeds that are ready to transplant straight in to a larger pot or garden and will grow rapidly once they have been replanted. The root systems on some are much more delicate than others so gentle handling may be needed for plants like the stonecrop.


This pack will include 10 plants from the following list. This will vary on season and availability so we cannot guarantee which plants will be included. Each plant will have it's own label so you can easily identify them.


Autumn Hawkbit Betony Black Medick Buckshorn Plantain Bugle Bush Vetch Chicory Clustered Bellflower Common Catsear Common Mallow Common Vetch Cornflower Creeping Jenny Dandelion Dog Violet English Stonrcrop Evening Primrose Giant Bellflower Goatsbeard Greater Knapweed Hawksbeard Hawkweed Hedge Bedstraw Hedge Garlic Hedgerow Cranesbill Heartsease Hoary Plantain Honeysuckle Ivy Leaved Toadflax Lady’s Bedstraw Lesser Knapweed Lesser Trefoil Marsh Mallow Musk Mallow Nettle Leaved Bellflower Purple Toadflax Red Clover Red Valerian Reflexed Stonecrop Ribwort Plantain Rough Hawkbit Rock Cinquefoil Salsify Sedges Selfheal Silverweed Small Teasel Sow Thistles Sulphur Clover Teasel Tormentil Tufted Vetch White Clover White Dead Nettle White Stonecrop Wild Clematis Wood Forgetmenot Woodruff Zig Zag Clover Plus many more....


Once the plant has grown and matured please do be sure to identify the plant before feeding. These plants are grown outside organically so we cannot guarantee any strays seeds won't have blown on to the soils. All the plants sold have various guidance levels on "the tortoise table" database. Some plants can be fed more often than others but all should be fed as part of a wide varied diet and none sold are toxic.


Leaves can droop during transit,be sure to water well when they arrive.

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