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Plant Growing Kit

Plant Growing Kit

A kit to make growing food easier!

Complete with:

3 x 3litre plant pots

1 9litre coir brick

A pack of our Fast Growing seed mix*

Organic fertiliser

Calcium powder

Keeping foods chemical free is good practice for all keepers, commercially grown plants will often be sprayed with chemical pesticides, insecticides and fungicides with the use of chemically enhanced compost being very common.

Our kit contains a coir soil block as well as an organic fertiliser to make sure plants grow quickly to their full potential while keeping it chemical free and full of nutrients for the tortoises! With an added extra bit of calcium to mix through the soil to grow the plants with a nice high calcium content. Simply hydrate the dried coir soil with approximately 2 litres of water.

Very easy to setup. Put the coir block to soak in approximately 2 litre of water, leave to expand and then break it up in to a loose soil. Mix both the fertiliser and calcium supplement through the soil. Spread 90% evenly over the pots and sprinkle the seeds on the top, putting the remaining bit of soil over the seeds. Do not let it dry out while the seeds are opening and place in a light sunny spot.

Sew all year round and keep on an indoor windowsill over winter months to protect from frost.

* Please see description of seeds on individual product.

**DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you identify the plant prior to feeding!**

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