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If you need an order urgently, please drop us an email to info@allthingstortoise.com and we will endeavor to get it out as a priority.

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We appreciate every single one and love seeing our products used with our little shelled friends.


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Where it all began..

We have been importing Mazuri Tortoise Diet to the UK since 2014. Initially just for our own large reptile collection. This progressed to splitting the large 25lb sacks in to smaller manageable sizes for lots of tortoise keepers across the country as well as various rescue centres. We have now expanded this in to a huge range of products to help with day to day care as well as a large social media community for help with all queries. Between us we have over 25 years experience in tortoise care with over 20 species so we are happy to help with whatever care advise you need! If you would like any details or have any queries please get in touch.