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A little bit about us!

This business was established primarily out of our love for animals. 

Their well-being and helping others to learn about their care is so important to us.

We have been keeping and breeding tortoises and other exotics for over 25 years between us and have experience with over 20 tortoise species, with well over 50 individuals in our homes. We are hugely passionate about these little creatures!


We have run a Facebook tortoise group since 2014 and have spent our free time helping keepers, new and old, to to gain a better understanding of their complex needs.


The tortoise keeping world has grown hugely in recent years.  We felt it would be beneficial for tortoise keepers to have one, convenient location, where they could get everything they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. Specialist stores are often more expensive so keeping our costs as low as we can is very important to us also.

Please come and join us on our Facebook group:

We are always discussing our products and things to help new keepers moving forward. We love to talk all things tortoise! 

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