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100g Avipro Plus

100g Avipro Plus

A probiotic and soluble fibre prebiotic enhanced with vitamins A, C & E and electrolytes.

Avipro Plus

Avipro Plus is recommended to help maintain digestive health in dogs, cats and wildlife, and is particularly valuable when animals are undergoing stress or veterinary treatment for long and short term conditions. The prebiotic is supported by the probiotic to help the natural bacteria of the gut, sustaining the right conditions to allow the friendly bacteria to re-establish and thrive. The added vitamins help replace those lost during periods of stress and help support the immune system.
Avipro Plus contains:

Bacillus subtilis probiotic

Fructo-oligosaccharide soluble fibre prebiotic

Vitamins A, C and E to compensate for the losses occurring during stress / illness

Electrolytes to maintain adequate levels during bouts of diarrhoea

Instructions for use: Avipro Plus can be sprinkled onto food at a rate of 1 scoop per day. For dogs in excess of 15kg use 2 scoops per day. You can also add Avipro Plus to the drinking water at a rate of 1 scoop per 200ml.
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