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Arcadia ProT5 Kit 12%

Arcadia ProT5 Kit 12%

This easy-to-use Kit can be fixed easily inside of a vivarium or hung over an open enclosure. It's sleek design and specially curved reflector will ensure that you take up less space but project as much light forward as possible.

Available in 3 sizes:

24w, 22.5".

Suitable for 2-3ft enclosures.

39w, 35".

Suitable for 3-4ft enclosures.

54w, 46".

Suitable for 4ft+ enclosures.

ProT5 uses the very finest electrical components to ensure safe running and long lamp life. Each bar has inbuilt over-voltage, over current, over heating and short circuit protection. ProT5 is Teflon free and free from any reflector coatings that absorb UV.

Each kit comes with a full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the spectrum of natural sunlight. This includes UV-A and high levels of UV-B.

High light output

Long life, 12 month lifespan before a change is required

Made in Germany by the worlds experts

Produces excellent natural colours

Flicker free (T5)

When replacement lamps are needed they are available on this link:

The link cable will allow for up to 10 light units from one power source, including the Jungle Dawn LED BAR kit.

Easily installed in to vivarium setups but for open style enclosures can be fitted with lighting brackets:

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