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Arcadia UV D3 Basking Lamp

Arcadia UV D3 Basking Lamp

The Arcadia Mecury Vapour D3 Basking Lamp is an outstanding basking lamp, sometimes called a linear UV Lamp. This basking lamp is the 2nd generation of D3 UV Basking Lamp from Arcadia and it offers incredible efficiency while creating idyllic UV-rich basking spots. 

Not only are these Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamps capable of creating a warm and light environment for desert reptiles like Bearded Dragons. These lamps also offer a healthy dose of UV light, essential for the absorption of vitamin D3 into your reptile's body, allowing them to make the most of the calcium in their diet to grow big and strong, Without an effective UV provision, your reptile is at risk of metabolic bone disease.

As with all Mercury Vapour Bulbs, these cannot be used with a thermostat or external ballast and should only be used in large enclosures, or large open-top tables. These Bulbs must not be used as the only source of uv. They are designed as "booster" lamps in large enclosures.

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