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Autumn & Winter Mix

Autumn & Winter Mix

Keeping a good varied diet through the winter months when lots of the plants start to die off can be very tricky.

This mix of plants, flowers and grasses will grow all year round keeping a tortoise garden teeming with life.

Suitable for all species.

A mix of the following 15 plants:



Red clover

Ribwort plantain

White clover


Lambs lettuce

Shepherd's purse

Alsike clover

Crimson clover

Winter pansy

Evening primrose

Salad burnet


Tall fescue

These plants will all grow through both snow and frost, however to keep them growing quickly and well we suggest keeping them covered from the very harsh elements. If you wish to grow inside they well grow very well under a plant grow light.

**DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you identify the plant prior to feeding!**

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