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Forest Hideout

Forest Hideout

The HabiStat range of Forest Hideouts offer security and privacy for any hiding terrestrial Reptile or Amphibian whilst also adding a natural aesthetic look to any enclosure.

With the natural bark intact, the Forest Hideouts help the animal feel safe and secure but also allow for thermoregulation.

Suitable for any forest, woodland or jungle environment.

Arched to enable entry from both ends as well as providing a place to hide and to bask upon.

The Hideouts can also be used to provide a humid hide aiding the shedding process by adding damp moss or to provide privacy for egg-laying females.

Available in three sizes

Dimensions: (Length x Depth x Height)

Medium: 17 x 14 x 8cm (6.7 x 5.5 x 3.1"), Entrance hole: 8cm (3.1")

Large: 22 x 20 x 8cm (8.7 x 7.9 x 3.1"), Entrance hole: 10cm (3.9")

Extra Large: 27 x 23 x 11cm (10.6 x 9 x 4.3"), Entrance hole: 14cm (5.5")


Please note as the range is 100% natural the sizes and shape may vary as each one is unique.

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