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Habistat Humidifier

Habistat Humidifier

Research shows that humidity is one of the core elements required to make many species thrive in their environments. Many species will only drink from droplets on objects such as plants and the HabiStat Humidifier provides the perfect solution.

The HabiStat Humidifier creates a realistic moisture cloud and can be programmed using the LED Digital Touch Buttons and built-in digital timer.

With a huge 4L capacity tank, the ultra-quiet humidifier will work for up to 12 hours constantly (in max mist 300ml per hour). Water can be easily added and monitored.


Key Features:

  • Easy programming via LED digital touch screen.
  • Built-in digital timer.
  • Working time: 2-120 minutes.
  • Maximum output of 300 ml/h.
  • Cycle time: 0-4 hours.
  • 1.5 metre flexible hose.
  • 4 litre tank providing adjustable misting levels.
  • Easily add water and monitor water levels.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Dimensions: L20 x D16 x H30cm.
  • Weight: 1.15kg.
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