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Mixed Lettuce - 5g

Mixed Lettuce - 5g

Lettuces are a fantastic plant to add to any tortoise enclosure and diet. They are often avoided because of their reputation for low nutrients but in fact can grow very high in vitamins and with a high water content also make a good addition to a varied diet.

Each seed equals one lettuce and this 5g bag has hundreds of seeds so is great value for money compared to shop bought organic lettuces available.

All parts of the plant can be fed and enjoyed by our tortoises freely as a staple. They grow with a high water content so are great for keeping up hydration in summer months.

These plants grow very easily all year round but must be protected from forst in winter.

** Please note: All seeds are stored separately in large storage containers and every effort is taken to keep seeds apart. In case of any stray seeds please identify plants prior to feeding **

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