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Opuntia Pads - Whole

Opuntia Pads - Whole

Opuntia cactus is a fantastic natural food source and enjoyed by all tortoise species. With a very high calcium content and great Calcium:Phosphorous ratio it is perfect for all species of tortoise to snack on.


Found all across the world but especially prominent in the Mediterranean, middle east and Africa.


Can be fed freely with no upper limit but has been known to cause a loose stool if eaten in high quantities.


As with all other foods it should be fed as part of a good varied diet.


These pads will last easily 6 months in warm dry storage if uncut. Once they have been cut they can be stored in the fridge and wrapped up for up to two weeks. Keep an eye that it isn't spoiling in the wrapper. It can also be frozen in whatever size pieces suits your tortoise. Make sure to fully thaw before feeding.


These pads will also root and grow more pads if planted in a sandy soil and kept in a sunny spot. Must be kept indoors in the winter.


**Please Note: Although these cactus pads are spineless they can have small hairs and spines. They will not hurt your tortoise in any way but they can irritate the skin on our hands so please do be carefuly when handling them or wear gloves if possible.**

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