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UV Sensor Card

UV Sensor Card

This UV Sensor card can measure UV radiation in 10 seconds, just hold the card underneath to see what level is being emitted, low, medium or high.


This is a great tool for ensuring that you have the correct environment for your reptile, keeping them in their best set up, meaning they stay happy and healthy.This card can be used to check an old bulb is still functioning properly, making sure the UV level hasnt dropped too much, and making sure your bulb is still usable for your species. This means you can get the best lifespan of each bulb you have, and you're not wasting money buying a replacement if it's not entirely necessary.


This card is also ideal to ensure that the location of your bulbs, hides and basking spots are correct. It might well be that your perfect basking spot is two inches higher than you've currently got it, or where your reptile loves to sit is too low for the bulb you have, so going up a level of UVB might make all the difference to their health and happiness - these cards mean you can be sure that everything is in perfect position.


Very simple to use, just place under the bulb and get the reading, ideally in the location that your reptile is actually sitting in, or the distance they tend to be from the bulb. This gives you an accurate idea of what they are receiving, showing you the level within 10 seconds of being placed under the bulb. Just move it away and leave for 1 minute for it to reset, and then can be used again as many times as needed.


This card is not a replacement for a uv metre but does give a rough guide as to whether your uv light is still producing uv.

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