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Zoo Med Repti Rock Dish

Zoo Med Repti Rock Dish

Repti rock dishes come in 3 sizes, ranging from medium to extra large to suit the needs of all species. The dishes also come in random colours and may vary from the illustration above.

The Zoo Med Repti Rock Dish has a lot of benefits that reptile keepers will love. It features a smooth non-porous surface, so it won't hold bacteria, making it much safer and cleaner than other dishes. The dish has been designed for reptile enclosures too and will blend in with other reptile decor easily. Importantly, Repti Rocks are made from non-toxic 100% recycled plastic, meaning that even though the environment in your reptile vivarium or terrarium will be hot and possibly very humid, this feeding dish won't degrade or leach toxin's into your reptile's living space.

They are low profile and suitable from hatchling size.

Medium: 185x150mm

Large: 260x190mm

Extra large: 320x230mm

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